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Victoria Loconte - Patient Returns to Thank Er Staff

Victoria Loconte Reflects on Lifesaving Efforts As Patient Returns to Thank Er Staff

Emergency room staff nurse, Victoria LoConte, recalls cardiac patient’s return to offer thanks to her and her colleagues. Massachusetts native, Victoria LoConte, is an emergency room staff nurse and former nurse manager, case manager, and visiting nurse serving the Greater Boston area. Today based at Everett Hospital, LoConte looks back on a recent return visit from […]

Victoria LoConte

Victoria LoConte looks back on Everett Hospital Xenex system study

Emergency room staff nurse Victoria LoConte reveals her interest in past findings surrounding pulsed xenon ultraviolet light disinfection in hospital settings. A study previously conducted at Cambridge Health Alliance’s Everett Hospital demonstrated that pulsed xenon ultraviolet light disinfection was capable of significantly reducing operating room contamination of both surfaces and air. Today an emergency room […]

Victoria LoConte reveals passion for gerontology

  Emergency room nurse Victoria LoConte offers a closer look at her passion for gerontology and shares concerns for elderly residents in her hometown of Saugus, Massachusetts. Across the United States, elderly individuals are increasingly at risk of loneliness and social isolation, both of which have been demonstrated to cause cognitive decline, a loss of independence, a […]